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New Forum!

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Hi smart shoppers!

Thank you to all our visitors and followers for checking out our site thus far. We’ve had an amazingly positive response since we started in January 2013. We hope our posts have been helpful and have saved some of you a bit of money! 😉

Since you all must be savvy shoppers, we’re sure you’ve come across many deals that we have not been able to get to. That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our new forum, urbanchicdeals.boards.net! This will allow all of you to post deals as well that we may not even know about. There are also board topics for fashion Q&A, promoting fashion blogs, and more – so hop on over an take a look! We hope that you will contribute.

Thanks again for all of your support and here’s to the start of a new, savvy and fashionable shopping community!



One thought on “New Forum!

  1. it is a good start that you are receiving good feedback from your readers, keep it up and keep posting good articles for more future readers. thank you.

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